Hemp Doesn’t Get You High

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp refers to strains of Cannabis sativa that have been bred specifically for fiber used for clothing and construction, oils and topical ointments, nutritional benefits and a wide and growing variety of other purposes that don’t involve intoxication. These are the strains that we extract our CBD rich oils from.
Marijuana is a slang term used to describe strains of Cannabis sativa specifically bred for the potent resinous glands (trichomes) that grow on the flowers and some leaves (buds).

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many active cannabinoids identified in cannibis. What is a cannabinoid? There are over 480 natural components found within the Cannabis sativa plant, of which at least 85 have been classified as “cannabinoids;” chemicals unique to the plant.

How is CBD different from THC?

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not get you “high”. It is its more popular bedfellow, the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, that creates the “high” associated with the recreational use of Cannabis sativa bred for this purpose.

What is CBD beneficial for?

Introducing CBD into your life may help take the edge off our busy and stressful lives. There are many other aliments currently being treated with therapeutic levels of CBD, many with great success.

Are all CBD products created equal?

The answer is a unequivocal no.

  • Source of Hemp.
    All of our products are from Legally imported Hemp not sourced in China.
  • Extraction process.
    All of the products we carry are extracted using C02. Many other inferior manufacturers use dangerous solvents which can leave a toxic residue in the finished product.
  • Testing and manufacturing facilities.
    All supplements and nutritional products distributed by harvest hemp oil are laboratory tested in multiple facilities by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency.
    Other cannabinoids and terpenes that may work together as an entourage effect may be damaged or non-existent in cheaper, inferior extractions.